Onix Style set of four DINKS-SKILL series Pickleball Trading Cards.
Onix set includes 4 of the same card.
Uploaded photo/image will be on all 4 cards

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One Set: $14.95 (4 cards)
Two Sets: $19.90 (8 Cards)
Three Sets: $26.85 (12 Cards)
Four Sets: $31.80 (16 Cards)
Five Sets: $34.75 (20 Cards)
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DINKS Pickleball Trading Cards are the first of a kind Pickleball Card that anyone can be on! Dinks Pickleball Cards aren’t just for “Pro” signed Pickleball Players, they’re for everyone. Anyone can add their own image and photo, or create one for a friend or family member.
PickleballTradingCards.com has created several templates or pre-build pickleball trading cards to choose from.
Here’s How It Works:
Select from one of our pre-built DINKS Pickleball Trading Cards available on our website.
Upload the image or photo you want on the card. (Recommended minimal IMAGE SIZE: 750px Wide x 1050px Tall)
Uploaded FILE SIZE must be 3 megabytes or less.
There are several resources available online that can help determine if you are using the recommended IMAGE SIZE.
You can check your IMAGE SIZE here: CLICK HERE.
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Our Pickleball Trading Cards are 2.5″ Wide x 3.5″ Tall
Every Pickleball Trading Card includes 1 protective sleeve.

We make every effort to ensure your image/photo quality on the card is of the highest standard.
With that said, we may need to adjust your image to fit within our printing guides, to ensure the image is fitted properly to the card. If we notice any issues with the image, we will reach out to you before printing and shipping your order.
If you have any questions or concerns about the ordering process, image requirements or Terms and Conditions, please feel free to call or email us anytime.
We look forward to working with you, and seeing your DINKS Pickleball Trading Card come to life!